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I’ve used this Nuget Packager Extension for Visual Studio with success. There are 7 well defined steps to show how to create the package. You can create a package and drop it on a network drive and you have a NuGet server!

Note: Some people like to get the latest from updates to dll immediately for Continuous Integration. NuGet is a pull when you want to system. If you want updates on build, then write batch files and integrate them into your project folder.

Here are a few notes I wrote for others using this in the company.

To add it to available sources
Add a local package source in Visual Studio
- right click solution
- click manage NuGet Packages
- click Settings
- Click the plus button
- Change the name to {name you want}
- Change the source to {your network drive}
- Click ok

To consume:
Right click on the solution and click Manage NuGet Packages
- chose {that name} in the Online expanded area on the left
- click install
- choose your project
- click ok

If there is a Error: Error HRESULT E_Fail has been returned from a call to a COM component,
    make sure the packages.config file in the project is checked out for edit and try again.

Enable Package restore on the solution
  - this will make it so you don't have to have the dlls checked into TFS, though you may want to check in this dll (your choice)
  - the build server and all devs (default in 2013, but not 2012) will have to have this enabled in VS tools => options => Package Manager as well
  -> right click the solution
    - click enable NuGet Package Restore

    change the NuGet.targets in the .nuget folder of your solution to include our custom NuGet Package source
    in  <ItemGroup Condition=" '$(PackageSources)' == '' ">
    add    <PackageSource Include="{your network drive}\NuGet" />

To update Package
--- There should be some review before updating the package if there are going to be breaking changes! --

Update the version in the package.nuspec of the {X}.NuGet.Packager project and the assembly so that people using the NuGet feed will get a notification when they
* Manage Packages in the solution (under the update page).
* Update the assembly version info to the same version #.
* Build in Release mode.
* Manually copy {your network drive}.#.#.#.#.nupkg

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