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I have decided to continue my article on the SQL Server 2008 RTM exploration update 3 in form of a new post.

I am up and running with the SQL Server 2008 with no issues.

The SQL Server Configuration Manager is a nice replacement for Surface Area Configuration and SQL Browser and it needs little attention. I spent literally 2 minutes just glancing at the settings. Nothing much to change.

Among the new things are SSMS enhancements like the built in ability to debug T-SQL be it a stored procedure or just a SQL Statement, very nice.

Another feature I liked is the ability to edit data directly:

SSSM Features 1








SSMS allows you to only get first 200 rows. The feature became tricky when I needed to edit 10 specific rows. I have resolve this riddle by right-clicking on the status bar after I obtain the first 200 rows. It brings you a menu where you can choose to have the SQL editor pane for example where you can fine tune your query, see picture below:

SSMS Feature 2









This works unlike the command Select First 1000 Rows where you get the SQL editor right away ready to accept your modifications.

So far so good, my next posting will be encrypting databases.

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