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Michael Holland
I have been struggling to get my version of SQL Compact 3.5 SP1 to work. Version 3.5 used to work without a hitch but my next project is going to be using SQL Server 2008 which requires the service pack (but I will still have to support SQL2005 applications). The project will have handheld scanners operating at the docks where wireless signal will not be guaranteed and so replication is the best option.

I could not get the replication working to a SQL2005 publication no matter what I tried and the information I found when Googling did not help, so I did what seemed to be the best advice, I uninstalled all SQL Compact versions from my laptop and then only reinstalled 3.5 SP1.
It still kept failing. You can imagine the frustration because I have used replication many times on many projects and knew/thought that my setup was correct.

The error I was getting was “SQL Server Reconciler has failed” with the following info from the log:

Hr=80045005 ERR:Initialize failed for DistributorSessionID = 0
Hr=80045005 The subscription to publication 'Pubname' could not be verified. Ensure that all Merge Agent command line parameters are specified correctly and that the subscription is correctly configured. If the Publisher no longer has information about this subscription, drop and recreate the subscription. -2147201019

Access to the IIS server extension worked fine (e.g. use a link similar to
to check connection and version information).
However I noticed that the version number of the SQLCESA35.DLL was wrong… it should have been 3.5.5692.0, but was showing 3.5.5386.0 instead. It also showed that the Reconciler Test had failed for the 8.0 database test.

I then used the SQL Compact Server Tools wizard to create a new virtual folder in IIS and when I connected to it
(e.g. “http://<servername>/SSCE351/sqlcesa35.dll?diag”)
the version information was correct and the Reconciler Tests all passed.

I tried my synchronisation again and everything worked properly.

I hope this helps somebody else out there save some time! Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 4:55 AM | Back to top

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