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Many people configure email alerts in SharePoint through SharePoint Designer Workflows.  The process is simple and useful, here it is outlined at End User SharePoint.  In a nutshell, you create a workflow that sends out an alert, attach the workflow to a document library or list in SharePoint, tell SharePoint to run the workflow whenever the library/list changes.

The options for sending the alert in SharePoint out of the box are limited to sending a plain email.  I want more.  Enter the /n software SharePoint Extensions, a set of customizable actions for use in your workflows.  I have blogged before about using the /n software Email action to get advanced email features like file attachments, authentication, ssl, firewall navigation, delivery receipts, attachments, etc.  But now…  there’s much more.

Specifically, I use the XMPP and SMPP actions to make sure that I know when items in certain lists are changed.  I have several lists that are important, and I want an IM sent over our local Jabber (XMPP) network to me whenever they are changed.  I have one list that is important enough that I want a text message (SMS/SMPP) sent to me whenever it is changed (the picture here is a screenshot of such a message being received on my iPhone), so I know about it no matter where I am at the time.  Here’s how I do this:

First, I make sure that the /n software SharePoint Extensions are installed and activated on the server.  Next, I bring up SharePoint Designer, and create my new workflow.  When it comes time to set the Actions for the workflow, click on “More Actions” and select “/n software ShrePoint Extensions”.  This will list a bunch of actions including one for XMPP and another for SMPP (text messages).  Just choose one, fill in the inputs (server, from address, to address, etc), save the workflow, and voila.

These actions can be customized, too.  Here are instructions for how to customize these actions.

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