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Here is a quick notes about using regular expressions in the VS2010 Find Replace dialog. 

1.  To create a backreference, use curly braces (“{“ and “}” ) instead of regular parentheses.

2.  To use the captured backreference, use \1\2 etc, where \1 is the first captured value, \2 is the second captured value, etc.


I want to find*:

info.setFieldValue(param1, param2);

and replace it with:

SetFieldValue(info, param1, param2);

To do this, I can use the following find/replace values:

Find what:

{[a-zA-Z0-9]+}.setFieldValue\({[a-zA-Z0-9., ]+}\);

Replace with:

SetFieldValue(\1, \2);

Use Regular Expressions is checked, of course.

*If you’re wondering why I’d want to do this – because I don’t have control over the setFieldValue function – its in a third party library that doesn’t behave in a very friendly manner.

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Thanks man, you saved me some precious time !
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