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Making online conversations and relationships is very crucial to today's fast-moving world. Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others require an individual to be up to date with what is going on in the world.

Each passing day proves how vital the internet is to human beings; therefore, it is also essential to take conversations and marketing offline for more one-on-one interactions. There comes a time when clients and service providers have a sit-down and talk business, and this time is very crucial for the business provider to show charisma as his online presence.

The service provider is the person behind the product, and they need to be transparent and welcoming to their clients. This will be key to moving their interactions online to offline and, hence, dealing with clients more personally.

Build Your Brand

To enjoy your media of choice offline, you have to make sure that your offline presence is outstanding and very noticeable at a glance. As a business person, advertising materials such as business cards, flyers should be on hand and ready to be shared on all social media platforms.

When clients are perusing through their pages and see an advert or your business credentials, it will be easier for them to look you up. Strive to keep your links short, making it easier for a client to remember when they try to engage more with you.

Combine Both Offline and Online Channels

Ensure that you have a target audience in mind and choose a specific platform. If you settle on Twitter, invest heavily with realistic postings that are on point and offer something to your clients-to-be.

If you are doing live events, think of investing in a Twitter Wall as it is an excellent way of publicizing your services. Human beings tend to follow what others have done and what has worked for the next person and will want to try what others are using.

The Twitter Wall service proves to be useful in restaurant settings as well as boardroom settings because a lot of interactions are taking place. MP3 Juice is another excellent example of taking media offline as the interactivity between consumers and providers becomes personal. Digital displays are also useful in engaging customers offline. For example, back in 2013, Brazil placed Facebook Likes into their clothes hangers, making conversations between buyers and staff personal and productive.

Test New Markets

When it comes to expanding a business and exploring new locations, it is crucial to work offline by asking questions of interest to customers and what they need. Before investing, considering the needs of the customers is wise when thinking of running a new location and measuring profits.

Testing the new regional markets ensures that customers are fresh from receiving the products and services that the business is offering; hence the new market should not have a fierce competition if no competition at all.


Traditional media is still a worthwhile mode of advertising even though digital advertising is gaining in effectiveness and increasing sales. Digital advertising will account for how many customers subscribe to a product.

Still, traditional marketing will go as far as reaching a customer where he is, and he will be able to make a purchase even when a business is closed for the day. The combination of the two makes terrific sale increases.

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