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Installing SQL 2005 SSRS on Windows 2008

First, don't ask me why. :( There was a need from vendor. Let's just leave it at that. So run through your normal SQL 2005 install, the validation page throws up a warning "IIS not running". Since SSRS is a must on this machine, so let's Google Bing it. Following some results like this one: run SQL 2005 install wizard again and got the same message. What the? Double check ......

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Windows 8 support of video format

OK, this is sad The other day we thought it would be a good idea to watch some old family video. I brought out my Windows 8 "awesome" laptop. Subsequently I endured frustration beyond belief. The only formats I seemed to able to play was MP4 and MOV, and MP4 was played with my Zune software. I tried to play AVI and MPG, didn't work with Windows Media Player, didn't work with the Windows 8 Video player. Clicking on the "help" button brought me to a long page on Xbox music. After reading for a while, ......

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The importance of parameter ordering in SSRS Lookup LookupSet

When you use Lookup or LookupSet function in SSRS expression, make sure that the "destination dataset" is loaded before your "source dataset" starts the expression lookup

There is where it got me. I had one parameter for each set, and somehow put the one for destination set second. In that setup, none of my lookup returned anything. Once I switched the parameter order, everything works perfectly again

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Using SharePoint list connection in SSRS 2008

Here is a good article from Microsoft about this:

The gotcha was really knowing which site your list belong to, and don't follow some other posts that tell you to do "data source= blah blah blah". Just straight up URL at the site level.

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SSRS subscription SQL Agent Job GUID

Can't believe I didn't have to use this until now. Bad bad automation design...

Thanks, steve_fromOZ.

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SSRS SharePoint connection

I've only done this in SSIS once, connect to a SharePoint list and compare the result. But just now I got a requirement that basically ruled out having that in SSIS (basically the requirement is everything has to be web interactive). Looking around trying to find some ingenious solution, and found that there is also a SharePoint connector in SSRS. Figures/should have know. This makes my life a lot simpler.

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To bcp or Not To bcp... SSIS won (very specific Req)

I'm a recent convert to bcp. Actually, to put it more correctly, I haven't had any ETL requirement that would require complex data flow. I am a huge SSIS fan, but until 2012 came along, logging and debugging has always been an issue, so slowly I was moving back to SQL for basic tasks, breaking the uniformity of the project. Along the way I started to use bcp more heavily So imagine my surprise when I found this article: Basically saying "Data Flow Destination Fast ......

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