November 2014 Entries

BI User Group meeting 2014-11-18, PASS Highlights, SSRS Admin using Powershell

The speakers are Clayton Groom, Maria Stanley, Phil Milner. Highlights about PASS: I don’t think I’m interested in Karaoke, but having a chat with Chris Webb would be cool. Tabular versus Multi-Dimensional: One comment is that if the business is constantly changing requirement, it’s quicker to respond with a tabular model than MD. I’m not sure about that, from what I can see with building a tabular model, there is not much difference in setting up data source, view, relationships. I think it might ......

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#stldodn #dodn14 last session for me: LINQ

The constant struggle between # lines of code versus performance. Every session I’ve heard about why we should use LING, is about how many lines of code we reduced. On the flip side, I always hear from talks of performance why we shouldn’t be using LINQ. This seems to be the same struggle we have in SQL, using MERGE and CTE doesn’t give you performance gain, but makes the code more maintainable. But the talk is very good. I learned what deferred execution is. If the result is iEnumerable or iQueryable, ......

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#stldodn #dodn14 Jonathan Mills rocks

First, can you tell I’m not a current Twitter user?  LOL

Just listened to his managing people session, another great one.  Heard someone else saying his Big Data session yesterday was good.  If I come to conference again, I would definitely seek out his sessions.  All in all, I heard a couple of sessions that really made me learn things, so this was worth it.

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#stldodn Hadoop, Big Data, Pig, Hive… what did I miss?

The answer: lots! There are so many tools, drivers, adapters, connectors, that it’s impossible to list, and impossible to keep up (someone made the comment that MapReduce is going away. Huh? really) So currently, I’m sitting in another one of these sessions to take in another perspective. The speaker (Jonathan Mills) is engaging, so helps fight the afternoon lethargy. Getting a real life example of how important requirement gathering is; should have used Agile ......

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#stldodn Azure HDInsight Using Storm

This is very interesting.  However, if the output stream is a key/value pair, I wonder how this type of system will compare to the one built on Erlang?   If I have time, Erlang is definitely the next language I want to learn (ok, aside from data languages)

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#stldodn Kinect for Windows

Man, after the session, I’m really pumped. There is so many things you can do with this. I’m hoping this is the gateway to get my kids interested in programming. The version 2 is much better than version one, and it’s cheaper, too ($199). However, like everything Microsoft does, do I wait until version 3? V.2 is very intriguing, though. There is also an adapter to use the Kinect in Xbox ($49). I’m definitely waiting for version 3 of Xbox. The spearker was great: William Fink ......

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