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I’ve been building a room booking system and I needed a mobile client to be able to book rooms/resources. As our room bookings are all stored in Exchange Public folders, I thought I would take Exchange Web-Services (EWS) for a spin. If you have Exchange 2007, you should find EWS installed. I just added a web-reference to https://SERVER/EWA/Exchange... Here’s a function that enumerates all public folders. I’m skipping some of the initial connection details, but it really is very straight forward. ......

So, after my server died, I needed a quick way to re-establish my email as I had previously been running Exchange server. My family all have email accounts on this server, so I’d thought I’d explore a few options for hosted email, that would work with our mobile phones (Windows Mobile and iPhone). Reading all the press coverage about Gmail supporting The Microsoft Air-Sync protocol, I thought I’d give this a go. I set up a couple of Gmail accounts. Then on the iPhone went through the process of setting ......

This is a really neat tool, to look at the health of your mobile device Exchange connectivity.

You know that instance, where you're sitting at home and that vital set of airline tickets or shopping list arrives to you by email, which you pickup on your mobile device (Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, etc). Of course for things like flight tickets its no good taking your phone to the check in desk and waving it in front of the nice person at the check in desk. (Although I guess that might work). Before you say anything, yes I do no about check in online, but stick with it. What I'm trying to ......