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On Friday night,   I took my life in my own hands and helped out out our local school PTA quiz night.

Of course being a techie,  what could I possibly add to an event like this.   The answer of course is a scoreboard…

Using a projector a laptop I perched myself at the front of a school hall in front of all the parents to either face a techie success or dismal humiliation in front of my peers.

The scoreboard itself was an ASP.NET AJAX application that periodically and smoothly refreshed itself drawing its data out of SQL 2008 database.   Screenshot shown below.


Running the laptop on dual screen mode, meant I could keep the details of entering all of the score information hidden from the audience and just publish the results when each round completed.   So 10 rounds x 20 teams, is a fair old bit of data entry.

I had both a mobile application for score data entry and a simple windows forms based version too.    I decided to use the windows forms version as relying on the WIFI I had in place was a little too risky.

The forms application worked just fine, simply dropping results  into the SQL database as they were typed.


Not the most elegant of applications,  but based on the feedback after the event everyone liked the immediacy of the automated system.

My good friend Chris Adams read all the scores to me, so I could concentrate on the data entry.  Our only hiccup was one missed score sheet early on which we soon rectified and someone tripping over the projector power cable!

So thanks to a bit of MS tech.  and a steady nerve…

posted on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 4:59 AM