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Reidar Husmo SharePoint from the trenches SharePoint 2013
Minimal SharePoint 2013 development environment
What kind of hardware do you need to do SharePoint environment?Microsoft recommends a minimum of 32Gb for SharePoint Server, less for SharePoint Foundation.But there are not many laptops in the wild with 32Gb; certainly none that I'd like to have in my lap. (My Dell 4600 does have 32Gb, but I'm a wee fellow at 1.87m, and rather too many kilos.)This is written on a Samsung 900somethingsomething, a beautiful ultrabook with 8Gb of ram and a 256 SSD.Probably the nicest thing about this machine is what ......

Posted On Sunday, February 10, 2013 10:25 PM

Installing SharePoint 2013 preview on a standalone, workgroup server
If you try to install SP2013 on a standalone (i.e. not joined to a domain controller), you will eventually get an error. "Service running under Network Service account in workgroup environment is not supported." To avoid this error, create the configuration database after the main setup before you run the “Configuring SharePoint Products” wizard. Open Powershell, add the usual snapin if necessary (depends on what you do when I say “Open Powershell”!), ignore the warning about missing implementingType ......

Posted On Saturday, July 21, 2012 9:44 PM

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