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Product Start date Mainstream support ends Extended support ends
Windows Server  2003 R1 & R2 Varies 13/Jul/2010 14/Jul/2015
Windows Server  2008 R1 & R2 Varies 13/Jan/2015 14/Jan/2020
Windows Server  2012 R1 Varies 09/Jan/2018 10/Jan/2023
Windows XP (Home, Professional, Media Centre, Tablet) Varies 14/Apr/2009 08/Apr/2014
Windows Vista 25/Jan/2007 10/Apr/2012 11/Apr/2017
Windows 7 22/Oct/2009 13/Jan/2015 14/Jan/2020
Windows 8.0 / 8.1 Varies 09/Jan/2018 10/Jan/2023
Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems 31/Dec/2001 14/Apr/2009 08/Apr/2014
Windows XP Embedded 30/Jan/2002 11/Jan/2011 12/Jan/2016
Windows Embedded for Point of Service 06/Jun/2005 12/Apr/2011 12/Apr/2016
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 30/Nov/2006 09/Apr/2013 10/Apr/2018
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 14/Dec/2008 14/Jan/2014 08/Jan/2019
Windows XP Embedded POSReady 2009 10/Mar/2009 08/Apr/2014 09/Apr/2019
Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 17/Dec/2010 13/Jan/2015 14/Jan/2020
Windows Embedded Standard 7 29/Jul/2010 13/Oct/2015 13/Oct/2020
Windows Embedded Compact 7 15/Mar/2011 12/Apr/2016 13/Apr/2021
Windows XP Embedded POSReady 7 10/Sep/2011 11/Oct/2016 12/Oct/2021
Windows Embedded 8.0 /8.1 Varies 10/Jul/2018 11/Jul/2023
Windows Embedded Compact 2013 11/Aug/2013 09/Oct/2018 10/Oct/2023
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