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Have you ever been surrounded by so much information about a subject that you were almost depressed that you still couldn't get anything of substance working?

That is exactly the way I am feeling right now about Sharepoint Workflows in Visual Studio 2005.  I am trying to create a (what I think should be simple) Escalating Approval Workflow and progress is SSSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWW!

If you do a search on Google you get a lot of good information on so many aspects creating workflows in VS2005 and Sharepoint.  That really isn't such a bad deal, but the main problem is that many of them are rehashing the same overdone "Simple" workflow that you get with the sample ECM Templates.  I haven't seen any REAL workflow information out there that really details or documents the Custom Visual Studio 2005 Workflow process.

The ECM Templates are great resouces, but the problem there is that it is really just code and no real documentation as to why they did things or how they knew to do things.  The code is great, and the most of it you can follow, but there are just little things like the following:


//Set the general workflow properties

m_autoStartCreate = (Request.Params["AutoStartCreate"] == "ON");

m_autoStartChange = (Request.Params["AutoStartChange"] == "ON");

m_allowManual = (Request.Params["AllowManual"] == "ON");

m_bLockItem = (Request.Params["LockItem"] == "ON");

m_setDefault = (Request.Params["SetDefault"] == "ON");

m_updateLists = (Request.Params["UpdateLists"] == "TRUE");


How on this earth would you know to ask for any of these values with out any documentation? 

So really what it seem to be is either I am completely missing the LINK between all of the current information on the web, or it just is not documented anywhere I have been looking.

If any of you crafty authors or highly entrenched Microsoft Sharepoint Workflow developers have any suggestions as to where to get detailed and informative information, I would be extremely happy to hear it.


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