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Yep, that is the case at it is unfolding on the SharePoint team blog site about the "RTM" release of the SDK that is supposed to be the cornerstone of information for the product. 

Unfortunately it has come down to many very pissed off developers that are trying to keep up with a high demand of the new system from their customers and finding that there just isn't any good information any where on much of the API or other parts of the system that seem to be in high demand.

I for one am suffering the same problems with things like Custom Workflow and other areas that it seems my customers really really want but I at this time am not able to deliver because of the lack of documentation out there.

I am a huge fan of the Microsoft Sharepoint Team because they are the ones who did a spectacular job on 2007 and made much of my love/hate relationship with SPS go away, but now with out good clear documentation about the API's and other parts of MOSS it just starts to tarnish all the great stuff they have done so far.

If you want to check it out here is the link.


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Word. SharePoint has been promoted quite heavily this go around but developer love has been severely lacking. I feel like the SP Team is relying heavily on the kindness of strangers, MVPs and 3rd party vendors to plug the holes in the documentation and product. An example would be large scale migrations which are as painful as the day is long. I have high hopes for the future but the present... I will continue to wade through.
Left by fallenrogue on May 09, 2007 2:40 PM

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