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So last Friday one of my clients called me up in a panic. He had just realized that he had crashed his SharePoint site. What was troubling is that he was making modifications to the SharePoint sites Master Page with SharePoint Designer.

Now generally as developers we know this can be a touchy situation in SharePoint using SPD, but as a business user he rightfully didn't understand the implications that using SPD had on SharePoint sites. Nevertheless here is what happened.

He logged in to the site with SPD and wanted to replicated a masterpage that was being used on another site (since this is WSS 3.0, each site has their own master page gallery). So innocently enough he used the SPD File -> Export -> File menu option to get a copy of the default.master on to his file system and then uploaded the copy in to the target SharePoint site. And that is all it took.

With the site down and a crazy error with a serious lack of good information on the page the client became very stressed out quick!

After doing some investigation and some searching I came across this article by my favorite SharePoint visual designer…

Come to find out it was the source of the issue, and by just doing a simple copy/paste of another default.master in the affected site everything returned to normal.

I summary the issue boils down to additional junk SPD adds to pages that are exported that cannot be rendered by the ASP.NET compiler/runtime.

If you run in to this problem, then go see Heather's blog. It was very helpful and was able to help me get my client's site back up and running.


Posted on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 4:33 PM SharePoint , General Ramblings | Back to top

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