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I recently have been working on a solution for a client that is converting their current external membership website to WSS 3.0. I am so happy with the way the solution is coming together. I have always been of the opinion that you use the right tool for the right job and WSS 3.0 is the right tool for this solution.

Going back to my perspective that it is easier to develop with SharePoint as a framework than to start a new web project from scratch, WSS was a natural fit for all of the functionality and security needs for the customer. Anyhow to get more to the point one of the requirements was the ability for their members to be able to sign in to the website to access specific sites they should be able to see. Since WSS is an ASP.NET 2.0 application this was a no brainer. Just use the SQL Membership Provider and set up roles and members.

The issue that struck me was that they needed a decent amount of functionality to manage the roles and users that would be in the database. The client didn't want to have to rely on IT resources to have to go through a lengthy process to add users to the database to allow them to access the site. Right now the process they have to allow a user access takes many hours just to give a new user access to the site. This was quickly becoming unacceptable since it was taking a valuable IT resource away from their regular duties to insert this new member into the database. So I decided to give a project on CodePlex a try. The project is one that I had heard good things about and had told many others attending my courses to take a look at, but never had an opportunity to use it in a solution.

In my opinion the project makes it easy to implement no hassle administration of users and roles from the site collection administration interface. There is no doubt that it will work well out of the box for most people, but in the solution that I was implementing I also needed to capture some extended profile properties. So I decided to grab the source code and extend the properties captured in the administration interfaces and extend the code to use the ASP.NET Profile database as well. The project Source was very clean and easy to extend.

If you need to use FBA and you would like to make it easy for your clients to add, activate/deactivate, remove, or edit users then definitely check out this project on CodePlex. It will give you a huge win with your customer and also make your job much easier.

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