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Having previously talked about the lack of the traditional HAT in BizTalk 2009, the question then becomes how do you replicate some of the functionality that was previsouly relied on?

I have already covered the Last 100 Messages Received, the Last 100 Messages Sent, and the Last 50 Suspended Messages queries so what about service instances?

The BizTalk 2009 Group Hub allows you to search for suspended service instances and also running service instances, but not the two together. In BizTalk 2004 we had a query in HAT to return the last 100 service instances.  Lets create a direct replacement in the BizTalk 2009 Hatless environment.

Basically we are creating a query to search for the last one hundred tracked service instances:

BizTalk 2009 last 100 service instances

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2010 1:29 PM BizTalk Administration and Troubleshooting | Back to top

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