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Why hunt ICE?

Some years ago NASA launched the New Horizon's flyby probe of Pluto. Pluto is the only planet that NASA has not yet visited.  While it is still some years to go before the fly by of the Pluto system, now is the time to look for the next target for New Horizons amoung the many Kuiper Belt objects beyond Pluto's orbit. When Clyde Tombagh discovered Pluto, he had to examine many images. Today with digital processing it is much easier to find both Kuiper Belt Objects and Asteroids.

At there is a site where you can take part in the search for these targets. Just register, study the tutorial and then go looking.

I have found some 2371 candidates amoung the 8678 images I have looked at. There are currently some 1,016,136 images remaining to be examined, so there are plenty for everyone with a browser to contribute.

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