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There remains a lot of complacency concerning web site security. No one having a web site should hide behind the idea that their site is not attractive to a hacker. Now that hacking has become automated, any site that could be hacked will be hacked eventually for the simple reason that every hacked site can be used as a base for further mischief.

However it is not simply among web site managers that is a problem as the "Why are there so many website security breaches" post at makes clear – within web site programming books there is little or no mention of SQL Injection attack.

I have looked in my own library and the coverage within my ASP.NET books as measured by indexed entries was indeed sparse.  Only two books had useful entries.  Some of the apparent lack may be that those indexing the books skip SQL Injection as unimportant.

Have a read of Hals’ article – it will be time well spent.


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