July 2009 Entries
ASP.NET MVC V2 Preview 1 Released

Microsoft has released the latest and greatest version of it’s ASP.NET MVC project. Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie has an excellent overview of the new release on his blog.

Are you using ASP.NET MVC in your current web projects? Planning to in the future?

Have a day. :-|

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Get “Ramped Up” and Learn New Software Development Skills for Free!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while now…

Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based learning program that will help you build professional development skills.  Ready to move forward in your software development career? Ready to learn new skills, say SharePoint development for example? Well then head over to Ramp Up and check out the available tracks and start moving forward today!

Tracks include:

SharePoint for Developers

Web Development With ASP.NET

Learn ASP.NET: For PHP Developers

and more….

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Windows 7 RTM TODAY, July 22nd!

Looks like we’ll all be running the final release build of Windows 7 soon! I found out that Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 were released to manufacturing today.  I think the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 teams a big round of applause!

UPDATE: Straight from the Windows 7 team blog:

“Developers with MSDN Subscriptions will be able to download Windows 7 RTM in English on August 6th…”

Could the days move any slower until August 6th????

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Posted On Wednesday, July 22, 2009 6:34 PM | Comments (0) – Virtual Online Operating System

Thought some of you might find this interesting.

“ is a Silverlight based online virtual operating system. It is is a website that simulates an operating system inside your web browser.”

More information here:

Live demo here:


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Silverlight 3 streaming video feels the love from CNET

Great quote from CNET:

“It's early days, of course, but we're so impressed by Silverlight 3 we can't help wondering if we'll all be using it to watch streaming video in the very near future, while Flash sits in a corner, drinking a can of cider, thinking about what could have been.”

Have a day. :-|

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Microsoft Previews Office 2010 to Developers

First paragraph from this article posted today on

“At its Worldwide Partner Conference Monday, Microsoft unveiled the next generation of one of the most popularly used pieces of software in history, Microsoft Office, delivering a "Technical Preview" to partners and developers.”

New features look pretty cool. I’m anxious to see the online versions of the different apps and how well the document sharing and collaboration features work.

Are you doing any Office development?

Have a day. :-|

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Getting a business degree from Dungeons & Dragons U!

While I personally have never played the game, I do understand that a number of you out here in geekdom have logged many hours doing battle a dragon’s liar. Here’s an article pointing out the 10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons. I personally think that #5, “The best quests require a mixture of skills in the party”, totally applies to assembling a successful software development team. Notice it didn’t say “mixture of people”, it said “mixture of skills”. As we all know, development team members often wear many hats including architect, business analyst, requirements gatherer, user liaison, user experience/interface designer, Q&A tester, all the way down to the lowly coder who gets it all done. How many skills are in your toolbox? While developing a specialty in an area or two is a good idea, it’s also wise to expand your toolkit by honing additional skills as well. What makes you valuable to an organization is being flexible, dynamic, and able to contribute to the overall good of the organization. Just because you rock at C# or VB doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least making yourself aware of other skills and technologies. Like the author said, “The best quests require a mixture of skills in the party”, soooo, what are you doing to expand your software development toolkit in order to help your party mount a successful quest?

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Scott Guthrie Discussing Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3 RC

Here’s a video added today on Channel 9 with Scott Guthrie and Laurence Moroney discussing the availability of Silverlight 3 and the Release Candidate of Expression 3.

Have a day. :-|

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Developer vs Designer… “he never listens to me!”

Here’s a funny bit on Channel 9 to coincide with today’s launch of Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3. Nicely done gentlemen but I like to think I’m the creative one! :-)

Have a day. :-|

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What is significant about the Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 Releases?

While I know I’m not the first person to share the news of the Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 release with you I want to take just a few moments to mention what I see as being significant.

What I find most significant of all has nothing to do with either tool specifically. I think that with this release of Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 Microsoft is once again continuing to innovate in the user experience (UX) design and related software development areas. With new design tools like SketchFlow I think Microsoft is demonstrating their commitment to assist designers and developers alike to quickly create cost-effective prototypes to present to their customers. These prototype sketches can be quickly converted into production applications. Whether you’re a designer or developer, you have got to check out SketchFlow. It is changing the way we develop applications and immediately increasing our productivity. Check out a couple mini-tutorials here and here from Microsoft’s own Qixing Zheng.

Microsoft Expression Blend 3

So much new and significant to dive into with Blend 3 but besides SketchFlow, I think the most significant new feature is the ability to import Photoshop and Illustrator files, layers and all. That is a huge step in the right direction.

Silverlight 3

Again, so much new and significant to pick from but since we focus on developing business applications I’ll go with the introduction of the new DataForm control and it’s support for .NET RIA Services validation. Combined they make validating a user’s input on the client side AND the server side much easier.

YES, I know there are soooo many new features of both I could have picked from and I’m sure someone out there will disagree with me so let’s just agree to disagree from the beginning. :-)


This posting would be incomplete without listing the new products and where you can find them as well as a link to ScottGu’s posting about the release and the official Virtual Release website.

Silverlight 3 RTW

Microsoft® Silverlight™ 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Microsoft Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow RC

Deep Zoom Composer

Silverlight Toolkit

Microsoft .NET RIA Services July 2009 Preview

Silverlight 3 Offline documentation

Themes, Add-ins, Behaviors and Tools

Get out there and get into the light, oh yeah and have a day. :-|

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Developers Developer Developers Developers ebook available

dev{shaped} which is part of Microsoft’s {You shape} it campaign, has released a ebook containing developer-focused content written by a number of Microsoft RDs and MVPs. Good stuff for sure… check it out.

Have a day. :-|

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.NET RIA Services Roadmap Published

I found this information on Brad Abrams blog and thought I’d pass it along.

Dinesh Kulkarni recently posted our current thinking on the release roadmap for .NET RIA Services.   One thing I love about this product is that we are able to iterate rapidly with the community to get the product right.  This means being in “preview” mode for a while so we can ensure we have taken all the feedback, but it greatly raises the likelihood of us ending up with a product that can be widely used.   We used a similar model with ASP.NET MVC and MEF, and I think they turned out really well. ”

Have a day. :-|

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