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In this era of fast innovation, platforms that seize to innovate & advance are usually disrupted. Although the blogging platform GeeksWithBlogs.Net seemed promising at first but has had no advancement in the last two years, worst even the bugs reported on the platform haven't been fixed.   

I am giving up on GeeksWithBlogs.Net! Declaring this blog as dead... I have moved over to a new platform that's far more exciting and supported by the open source community. The new blog uses GitHub Static pages by leveraging the framework 'Jekyll'. The framework supports Markdown and is backed by a code repository that means all blogposts are backed by a version control. GitHub even offers free hosting! 

I promise to keep the content on the blog fresh and exciting... If you are still interested in reading about the latest and greatest in DevOps and ALM or VSTS and TFS, will be a useful feed to follow. Hoping to see you on my new blog, follow here - 

Cheers, Tarun  
Posted on Monday, June 13, 2016 5:06 AM GeeksWithBlogs.Net | Back to top

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