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When working with SharePoint, you sometimes find yourself working on the server via RDP. It is then good to be able to work efficiently without unnecessary obstackles that slows down your productivity.

It is great to see that the start button is back, both in Win 8.1 and in Win server 2012.

When I first logged in on the server, I was prompted to select start menu style and behaviour. This is quite nice because it allows you to select what works for you. I like to be able to just press start and then just start typing in order to search, so I selected "classic" hoping for an experience similar to the good old win 7 "click - type - search". 

At the time I was going to start visual studio, so I clicked the start button and started typing "V-I-S..." and that is about as far as I got before I was disconnected. It turned out that the search box was not getting focus, and instead I had activated the shortcut keys for the diconnect button. What a nuisance! So after some searching, I was able to find the solution:

1.Right-click the start menu and select settings
2.Select the "Search box" tab
3.Make sure the "Access normally" and "Selected by default" options are selected.
4.Click ok and enjoy your new and more productive environment! :)

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 2:46 PM win2012 | Back to top

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