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I came across a problem of some SharePoint databases whose transaction logs had grown extensively during a test period with lots of data import etc. causing a lot of transactions. The fix was quite simple, as described in this article:

Here's the recipe:
1.Locate the database log files in the file system, and select your targets based on size
2.Locate the respective database in Management Studio
3.Right-click the database and select properties\options. Now change the recovery model from full to simple
4.Right-click the database and select tasks\shrink\files. In the file type dropdown, select "Log". Press ok. Leave the default option of releasing unused space.
5.Change the recovery model back to full, and your're done.

In a properly set up production environment, you are very possibly running sql backups (right?), which will truncate the transaction log, and this problem might never occur, but in e.g. a test phase like in my case, or if you choose other backup scenarios, the log files can very well grow to many times the size of the actual database.

In my case, I the largest log file shrunk from more then 50Gb to close to zero, but it will still grow back according to usage, so you might want to make this a regular task or set up some kind of maintenance plan.
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