Reasons for Automated Testing

So I gave a talk at the Edmonton .NET User Group on an introduction to automated testing. And of course in this introduction I gave a list of reasons why unit testing is a good idea. Although there are already many blog posts other there on this subject, I thought I’d record my reasons here. Although all of these reasons may appeal to your hipster, idealistic sense of craftsmanship and professionalism, each of these reasons also has a sound business foundation. Automated testing saves/makes you money. ......

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Testing Workflows – Test-First

This is the second of two posts on some common strategies for approaching the job of writing tests. So here is a partial list of some test-first methodologies: Ping Pong, Test Blazer, TDD, ATDD, and BDD.

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Testing Workflows – Test-After

In this post I’m going to outline a few common methods that can be used to increase the coverage of of your test suite. Each approach you are skilled at applying is another tool in your tool belt. The more vectors of attack you have on a problem – the better. In this post I’ll enumerate some test-after workflows: Bug Reporting, Exploratory Testing, Examples, Smoke Tests, Coverage Analysis, and Test Refactoring.

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