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Recruitment and interview process usually becomes complicated and very hard to follow with massive exchange of emails, bulky attachments and several people involved. So it was decided to develop a system that would simplify that process by allowing to find required information at a touch of a key - a web-based workflow-based application to automate the process without any need to install software on the client.

The solution also needed to provide automated workflow to route tasks to the relevant performers and notify them by e-mail. It also needed to capture the important data in the process so that some intelligent reports could be generated from it. And last but not least, an appealing user interface goes a long way towards application acceptability. The users needed a user interface which was intuitive and easy to use.

"The rich user interface, powerful features and high performance of the tool impressed us and it was an easy decision to use VWG as a development framework instead of the traditional ASP.NET approach," said Project Manager Vijay Phulwadhawa.

The learning curve for the development team was minimal since they were mostly desktop application experts and as such were familiar with the concepts and ptactices allowed by the Visual WebGui solution that they chose as their framework..  "The ease of development of the UI with Visual WebGui is just amazing! During the project execution, we have seen desktop developers who never worked in web applications learn the framework and be productive in record time. The hassles of JavaScript, Ajax, and HTML are absent which increases productivity many folds," added Phulwadhawa.

VWG Based Integrated Recruitment & Interview System

You can read the full article here.

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