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Still getting into Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). I was using PowerShell to execute NET USE commands to access remote shares. Having tried this on WSL, it wasn’t immediately obvious how to get it to work, though I knew it should be possible. e.g. here was my first try

$net use \\sharename password /USER:domain\username

Which resulted in:

Invalid command: net use
  net rpc             Run functions using RPC transport
  net rap             Run functions using RAP transport 
  net help            Print usage information


Clearly, WSL is not impressed. After some trial and error, I landed on the following command line:

$net.exe use '\\sharename' password '/USER:domain\username'

First, notice that I used net.exe, instead of just net. That’s because we’re talking about two different tools. The net.exe is a Windows tool for working with users, groups, file shares, and more, but net is a Linux tool for working with Samba and CIFS servers (type man net in WSL for more details).

Next, I added quotes around the options with back-slashes. This keeps from needing to escape the back-slashes. Alternatively, you could write:

$net.exe use \\\\sharename password /USER:domain\\username

That explicitly escapes the back-slashes. Now, I’m able to access secure file shares through WSL.

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