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I like Windows 10.  I did the automatic upgrade from Windows 7, and have been pretty happy with the results.  Stable, nice UI.  No more switchable graphics in my Lenovo laptop, but I can live without it. I'm happy but with two notable exceptions.

The first is not really the subject of this post, but I'll mention it anyway.  Two of my "automatic" services no longer start at reboot/startup anymore.  And the Event Log didn't even mention them.  It's not like they failed or their configuration is corrupt or anything.  No errors reported at all.  Like, why are they marked Automatic if they no longer start automatically.  It says Automatic, but it really means Manual start.  After looking into it, I discovered I had to add a registry setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<MyServiceNameHere>\DelayedAutostart
It is a DWORD, and I put 0 there, because I don't really want it delayed.  And now it starts just fine.  
Perhaps Microsoft will fix this in some service pack in the future.  It is a minor bug.  Had to waste some time figuring it out but at least I've found a work-around.  

Now for the real issue, and I'll try not to rant.  My computer started rebooting at night (I leave it on all the time, because sometimes I'm away and I need to remote in, and often I just leave it and don't get back to it until much later).  It would just download updates when it found some, probably put up some window while I wasn't looking telling me it was going to reboot in a few minutes, and then did so.  Didn't matter I had tons of apps running, many with unsaved changes.  Queries I'd been messing with in SQL Mgt Studio.  Some Word docs.  Excel docs.  All works in progress.  

So I did some searching and made some changes.  It now tells me there are updates to be downloaded. With Windows 7 and previous versions, I would decide when to download them.  Once downloaded, it would let me know, and I would decide when to install them.  Once installed, it told me I need to reboot and I would reboot when I had time to close all the stuff I was working on.  

So I saw there were updates ready to download yesterday.  I saw they looked important, and I clicked the button to download them.  Then I went back to work.  Forgot all about it.  This morning I'm looking at a logon screen when I sit down because my computer rebooted overnight.  <Choice words redacted>.

Ok, brief ranting moment here - what on Earth makes Microsoft think I cannot handle updating my own bleeping computer on my own bleeping schedule.  End of rant. 

Maybe I missed something.  Maybe there was one option I did find and turn on that the Windows Update download would not occur until I said to download it, but maybe there is another option somewhere that says don't install it until I say to, and yet another option that says don't reboot until I say to.  Is that really asking too much?   I worked great for me for years!  If I'm sophisticated enough to go find these "hidden" settings to make it work the way it used to, I'm sophisticated enough to know the risks of not updating the system, and how to manage the update to suit my needs, on my own schedule. 

Do these options exist anywhere?  Because the less control I have over this process, the less likely it is I'm even going to press the Download button next time I see it... Bleepin' control freaks. 

If anyone knows how to revert the ENTIRE update process to the way it worked in Windows 7 I would love to hear from you!
Posted on Monday, April 18, 2016 9:44 AM Windows 10 , Windows Update | Back to top

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