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Prototype software development is the process of creating prototypes of software applications. Prototyping has several benefits for instance, it helps the designer and implementer get valuable feedback from users in the early stages of the project. It also becomes easy for the client and contractor to compare if the software made us matching the specifications according to which it has been built. Prototyping allows some insight into the accuracy of the initial project estimates and shows whether or not the deadline or proposed milestones have been met successfully.

So, now that we have understood what is the meaning of software prototyping and what benefits it has to offer, let us now understand the basic process of software prototyping.

1.       Prototyping falls in the second stage of software development which is modelling and paradigms.

2.       In prototyping it is important to identify the basic needs of the software such as what will be the input and output parameters. Other details such as security and integration capabilities can be ignored at this stage.

3.       There are various classifications of the prototyping process; one way of classifying is vertical and horizontal prototyping. You can select the process that is best suited for you.

4.       Once the prototype is developed it is important to test it with end users and other stake holders, take in their feedback as constructive criticism.

5.       The final step would be to make improvements to prototyping considering the feedback and repeat step four and five till there are no more changes required.

These days the word software is being replaced with the word application or app, thanks to the growing use of smartphones. There are some companies that carry out mobile app development in London and also conduct software or application prototyping processes.

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