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A couple years ago, I accepted a position as the “director of digital” at a small marketing firm. And yes, there was still a divide between digital and traditional work there. I was mostly hired for my strategy capabilities and my successes with analyzing digital web properties and finding areas for growth. The title was just that, a title, as I had no direct reports and was only responsible for my own work.

Like many people in leadership positions, I found myself there accidentally. After several months as the resident strategist, I was appointed the leader over the tech team, which consisted of a few developers, a BA, a handful of digital technologists, and the interns.

At the time, the agency was going through a rough patch. In general, the culture was quite toxic. The company’s leaders were at odds with each other, and this created what I can only describe as “camps” of employees who positioned themselves with one of the three founders. As you can imagine, this put most of the employees at odds and created a lot of distrust. The only thing that was consistently working across the company was the gossip machine. Things weren’t much better with the tech group. My team had an “us versus them” mentality because “they don’t get us.”

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