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Development teams work at top speed, and the environment in which they work is demanding and complex. Software is no longer considered done until it’s shipped, and there’s been a tendency to view shipped software as preferable to perfect software. These philosophies, created in large part by agile and lean methodologies, celebrate deployments and meeting release cycle deadlines. But have our standards of working software quality been trumped by the rapid pace of delivery? We may be designing faster, but are we designing disaster?

We practice Agile development at Stackify, and are advocates of the methodology as a system to build and deploy better software more frequently. What we don’t subscribe to is the notion that the process we take to create better performing, high-quality software is more important than the software itself. If the process gets in the way of the product, it’s time to re-evaluate it.

The beauty of a process like Agile is that you can modify it to suit your team and what’s most important in your delivery. Here’s a bit of what we’ve done to optimize, and some of the things we’ve learned along the way.

Don’t let quality draw the short straw.

I’ve yet to see a project that doesn’t have a problem when it gets past development and heads into the final push towards “done.” Primarily, I see one of two things happen:

Testing cycles are compressed or incomplete due to time constraints. A major contributor to this is that code often isn’t ready to be tested until it’s all ready. As the sprint burns down, more and more code tasks are complete but they’ve yet to be reviewed, merged, and deployed to test environments. The code is rushed through QA, and ultimately, issues are found in production. Fixing those issues robs time away from the next sprint.

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