ImagineCup - IC2007 is in full motion

--- Student?

If you are student in a 4 year college or university, or a graduate student - you MUST check out and at least attempt one or two tracks in this great set of competitions called Imagine Cup.

Imagine Cup is a world wide technology applications and theory competition that facilitates students to interactively solve real world challenges in a fun and rewarding competition.

[If you are from University of South Florida please use this referral code when registering online - IC07US0145]

--- Business?

If you are a technology company and are looking for the brightest, most out going minds in your area's university - you must go to the site as well and watch that space very carefully.

Contact IC about opportunities to find those students, go to the website and Register. More details can be obtained from IC staff  contact them directly.

--- Want to do some good?

Also, as I understand there are MENTOR opportunities, but I don't have much more on that, go to the website and Register as a MENTOR and see what they have or just Contact IC directly.

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