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Chris G. Williams Beware: I mix tech and personal interests here.
So I haven' blogged in a few days, mostly due to my attempts at recovering from a serious lack of sleep. (i.e. I've been sleeping.)

The summit rocked. I haven't gotten this much Microsoft lovin in a long time. Free books, free shirts, a trip to the company store, lots of gnarly NDA stuff that most folks won't see for another year... etc.

The Orcas stuff is sweet, and I encourage you to play with the CTP to see it all. There's some "make my life easier" stuff in there, but also so cool new powerful stuff.

I also got to watch some of my various colleagues make complete asses of themselves. (I'm not talking about drunken revelry here, but more about the way some of the MVPs apparently feel Microsoft owes them something (other than MVP status, I mean.) I watched a few geezers rip into Paul Vick about some of the upcoming stuff in VB.NET/Orcas... right during his presentation.

They didn't see the point of the stuff he was presenting, because it didn't apply to them directly... so instead of waiting until he was done, you know and being cool about it and saying "hey paul, that stuff's cool, but what about this?" they start throwing lines like "how dare you work on this, how dare you show us this, when there's all the other stuff we've been asking for..." right in the middle of his session.

I've never wanted to whip an MVP's ass before, but there's a first time for everything I guess. It was embarrassing, as an MVP, to be associated with this troll, and I also felt bad for Paul although he handled it well. I'd have probably chucked a coffee mug at the guy if I'd been the one speaking.

Anyway... that was the last VB.NET session of the day, and then it was wind down time. So I got my stuff together, hit the company store (Viva Pinata!!) and hung out w/ my buddy Jason Olson for a while, finally met Cullen (hey can I join the HA! dev team and check stuff out for 4 months and never return) Waters, who was pretty funny, and we all went to see 300 (my 3rd time in a week) together.

Speaking of 300... w00t! What a great movie. GO see it.

I also did some more HA! coding, so look for that in the next post. Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2007 5:31 PM General Interest | Back to top

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