New Book - Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Amazon has kindly let me know that, based on some of my previous purchases (notice the classic use of data mining here?), I might be interested in Edward Melomed's soon to be released book Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Edward is a program manager on the development team at Microsoft and he and a few of the other co-authors joined Microsoft as part of Microsoft's aquisition of OLAP Services from Panorama back in the SQL Server 7.0 timeframe, so hopefully this book should have a few insights that you would not get from other sources.

It's on my wishlist. :)

[Update 15 Dec 2006] My appolgies to Edward's co-authors Irina Gorbach, Alexander Berger & Py Bateman. The email I got from Amazon only listed Edward's name as he happens to be the first author in the list, but he tells me that the other authors put in at least as much effort as he and in fact some of the deep technical chapters would not have been possible without their efforts. It is worth having a read through their bio's on the Amazon page, these are some people with serious Analysis Services experience.

Print | posted on Friday, December 15, 2006 2:32 PM