Melbourne SQL Server User Group - Many-to-Many Revolution

I am speaking tomorrow night at the Melbourne SQL Server User Group. The presentation will be based on the excellent white paper that Marco Russo produced about Many-to-Many relationships in SSAS 2005 called the Many-to-Many Revolution.

Here is the session abstract:

The Many-to-Many Revolution

Do you have a situation with something like categories that have one or more customers and customers that fit into more than one of these categories? Then what you have is a many-to-many relationship.

There are well known techniques for modelling many to many relationships in relational database using bridging tables but until the 2005 release, there was no way of representing these relationships in Analysis Services. In this session we will explore the power and flexibility of this new modelling capability that was introduced with Analysis Services 2005. We will look at a number of different scenarios where such relationships are useful and explore how to configure them and some traps to watch out for. With Many to Many relationships you now have the power to accurately model your data.

But as Uncle Ben said in the original Spiderman movie "Remember, with great power. comes great responsibility"

Sorry for the late notice, but if you are interested there is still time to register at There is no charge, we just like to get a rough idea who is coming so we know how much Pizza and drink to order.

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