SSAS: ASSP 1.2 Released

Just in time for another early Christmas present the Analysis Services Stored Procedure team have just released version 1.2. It incorporates and couple of new functions and a few alterations. Below are the main additions, you can follow the links to the wiki pages for more information about each of the following.

StrToSet - is a new class that incorporates a couple of new functions. The functions in this class are designed to allow the StrToSet function to receive shorter strings by passing in just a list of keys, not the entire member unique name. This works particularly well in the context of Reporting Services reports.

PartitionHealthCheck - is another new class. The functions in this class are designed to allow cube administrators to check whether the dataid ranges of the partitions in a measure group overlap.

DMV - this function has been added to the xmlaDiscover class and builds upon the functionality already available in this class to provide the capability of executing SSAS 2008 style DMV queries against SSAS 2005 and even includes some functionality that is not supported in the SSAS 2008 DMVs (as of CTP5) like the ability to use LIKE in the WHERE clause and the ability to work with rowsets that have mandatory restrictions.

You can get it from here:

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