Analysis Services Team Update posting on the MSDN forum

I just spotted an interesting post on the Analysis Services forum. It was titled "Analysis Services Team Update" and was posted by Ariel Netz, Group Program Manager for Analysis Services.

He starts off with ..

"I could never understand people’s fascination with blogs."

...which just begged to be blogged about. :)

In it he talks about how Analysis Services is looking for the SQL Server 2008 "Katmai" release

"In all honesty, things are looking good. In fact, looking very good (relative to where we are in the release cycle), so much so that it makes me somewhat nervous…  "

And he goes on to talk about how CTP6, which is also know as the February CTP is "feature complete" and that they are pretty much in a stabilizing phase now leading up to the release.

He also goes on to talk about how important it is to log any bugs on the connect site as bugs reported here are given much more weight by the team than one which was only found by the internal test teams.

It's an interesting read - you can read the full post here:

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