SSAS: Verifying Backups

There was a question on the SSAS forum recently asking if it was possible to verify a backup file. Now if you have checked in Books Online to check the XMLA backup and restore commands, checked the UI in SSMS and even used reflector against the AMO library you would think that there was no way of doing this. I certainly did. However try the following...

Navigate to:

    <Program Files>\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS10.SQL08\OLAP\bin

then type:

     msmdsrv /?

And you will get the following information: 

  [-m] [-c] [-n <Name>] [-i]|[-r] [-t] [-x] [-s<Dir>] [-f] [-d<Dir>] [-v[<String>]] [-x[<String>]] [-l<number>] [-e[<c>] <file>] [
  -c = console mode
  -s = config file directory
  -f = initialize config file
  -d = root data directory
  -i = install (register)  MSSQLServerOLAPService service
  -r = remove (unregister) MSSQLServerOLAPService service
  -t = registry for event log
  -q = unregistry for event log
  -n = instance name
  -l = server locale
  -b = backup file name
  -k = encryption password used to create backup file
  -g = extraction directory pathname
  -j = test backup file only
  to list all files in .ABF use          msmdsrv -b <ABFfilePathname> [-k <EncrKey>]
  to test .ABF file use          msmdsrv -j -b <ABFfilePathname> [-k <EncrKey>]
  to extract .ABF file use               msmdsrv -g <ExtractionDirPathname> -b <ABFfilePathname> [-k <EncrKey>]

So while you cannot execute the verification of a backup file from a client machine, you can do it from the server. (Plus it looks like there are a few other interesting options in there)

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