SQL Downunder 2009 Presentation: SSAS Metadata – Knowledge is Power

image I just finished my talk at the 2009 SQL Downunder Code Camp on Analysis Services data. As promised, attached below are the scripts and Powerpoint slides that I used in the presentation. There is not that much information in the slides, they were really just introduction and conclusion - all of the content is in the scripts. And the scripts probably only make sense if you at the session.

In addition to the scripts, below are the links to all of the free tools that I was using:

•MDX Studio http://ssas-info.com/forum/mdxstudio

•ASSP http://asstoredprocedures.codeplex.com

•PowerSSAS http://powerSSAS.codeplex.com

And the topic of BIDS Helper has come up a number of times over the weekend, so I’ve included a link to that too.


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