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July 2006 Entries

CFL Week 7 Recap

2 for 2 again this week. Let's breakdown the games: Winnipeg 29 - Hamilton 0My Pick: Winnipeg :)Wow, is Hamilton's backup quarterback HORRIBLE. Well, there's more than just the backup that has issues. What a horrible game for the Tabbies, and they travel to Winnipeg next week for a second helping of @$$ kicking. Montreal 21 - Edmonton 13My Pick: Montreal :)C'mon people, it's Montreal! And Edmonton is still a big group of losers. Horrible mistakes by Edmonton, and at crucial times (nice interception ......

Heath Ledger as Joker and Superhero/Supervillain Alignment

According to Filmwad, Heath Ledger has been offered the role of The Joker in the sequel to Batman Begins Interesting if its true...But then it got me thinking: who would be the “next generation” cast for batman baddies going forward? The nice thing about the newer, darker Batman is that you can actually cast people into roles where you know they'll take it seriously and not just the campy cramp that's been fed to us for so many years (case in point: Liam Neeson as Raas Al Ghul...awesome ......

CFL Week 7 Predications

With the halfway point to the season only a few weeks away, here are my week 7 CFL predictions Winnipeg over HamiltonAlthough I'd love to see Hamilton snap out of their losing ways, without Maas in the lineup and against a good Bomber defense, it isn't going to happen this week. Montreal over EdmontonEdmonton is the official laughing stock of the CFL, even more-so than Hamilton. Partly because Danny Michocha looks like a 7 year old in a 30-something's body. Montreal will run away with it here. Calgary ......

RPG Motivational Posters

It's about time someone came up with these! Below is a sample, and you can check the full payload here. Edit: Sorry if the image doesn't show up. For some reason the image link isn't displaying it properly...but I blame the fact that when you go to the page there's that damn Tux penguin as the logo and the buggers have disabled view source...because, y'know, they wouldn't want anyone to rip off their images made with ripped off images. ;) ......

Best Explanation of the GAC ev-AR!

Seriously, if all technology was explained in Star Wars metaphors, we'd all be MVP's by now.



TechTV Reunion

Leo posted on his blog the idea of getting the old TechTV gang together for a reunion show. Chris Pirillo, on his blog, also posted about the idea. I think it would be fantastic to see the group together one more time to reminice. I'm not sure if Chris' idea of getting an online site with webcasts is all that feasable though...I mean, we live in the land of YouTube and Podcasting where anyone can create a medium for them to communicate with others in their community. Not that I'm against the idea...just ......

CFL Results for Week 6

What a wild week in the CFL for week 6! I went 2 outta 4 for this week, although that Toronto/Sask game today was VERY close. Montreal 41 - Hamilton 38Montreal won as expected, but it was a LOT closer than anyone guessed. Slow start for Montreal but they picked up steam and came out on top. Winnipeg 25 - Edmonton 22The thrilla for the week! Unbelievable finish, with the Bombers fumbling with about a minute left, Edmonton taking the lead on a touchdown with 15 seconds to go, and Winnipeg winning it ......

User Group Community: Why?

I had a really good conversation with someone today about community. We were talking about why communities exist...what are the hallmarks of a community...who are the people that attend and lead them, and what are their motives. What were the instigating factors that started a community? For those heading up the creation of a community, what are the motives, expectations, and requirements for maintaining the life of the community? What makes a community...and what makes someone want to be part of ......


I'm done...spent...finito...the last few weeks have been crazy busy working on a project here at work. We pushed out the RC this morning (although I'll have to go back on Monday to review with them since the guy I would have sat down with was sick). My shortened workweek has seemed very long, mainly due to some last minute changes that required some quick coding/testing/validation. Great games last night...well, correction: Great game between Montreal and Hamilton, and great second half/finale with ......

CFL Week 6 Predictions

It's week 6 in the CFL, and we have a full game schedule to talk about this week! Two games tomorrow night, one on Friday, and one on Saturday. Let's get to it! Montreal over HamiltonHamilton did the upset last week against Calgary, but Montreal is NOT Calgary by any stretch. Hamilton gets tamed once again and fortifies that basement spot in the CFL East. Winnipeg over EdmontonNow realize that I'm NOT cheering for Winnipeg this year, but I have to give them credit: for 30 minutes they looked awesome ......

Get Flock'ed

While my solution rebuilds itself, I want to take a second and blog about a great free browser that I've been trying out called Flock. Flock, so far, is a bloggers dream! It presents blog feeds way nicer than IE 7 does, with a really nice "front page" view showing the latest feeds. The layout is nice as well...very easy to quickly scan the posts and see more of them on the screen. Flock also comes with some Flickr hook-ins where you can apparantly do drag and drop through Flock and have the pics ......

Funny You Tube Findings

I was going to post about just one, but then I found a second and its just waaaay too good. Chad Vader: Day Shift ManagerSo what would Vader be like if he managed a grocery store during the day? Alot like this: Lot did what?!As a youth leader in a church, I understand the importance of watching what you say to impressionable young minds...kind of like this guy: ......


NFL season is almost upon us, and I got to thinking: Is there any interest in forming either a fantasy football league or (even cooler) a gamer league based on Madden 2007 (XBox 360 version of course)?

Comment to this post if you're interested.


Pronger, you dirty buggar!

Chris Pronger...he shoots...he scores...he makes paternity payments for the rest of his life.



CFL Week 5 Recap

One for three this week. Hamilton didn't so much win the game as they undersucked compared to Calgary. What a horrible penatly filled game. And Calgary...HORRIBLE! I guess they aren't as hot as I thought. And I had my reservations about putting BC over Sask again, but really its such a crapshoot when it comes to teams in the west this year. I watched up to half time when BC went up 23 - 10. I figured that BC had it in hand...but then I turn back in the fourth and Sask has the lead?! Unbelievable. ......

Hey Business Owners, Listen Up!

Bad companies are all around us. I'm sure that many of us have stories about past or current working environments that have been less than satisfactory (this story is a bit extreme, but I found myself going “Wow, so I guess pricks are all over the place.”) I read a quote this morning in the paper that is so true though, and the next time you see key people leaving, or a mass exodus happening from your staff, consider this: “People don't quit companies, they quit people.” It ......

Oh who thought THIS was a good idea?!

So I'm walking in Chapters (Canadian bookstore chain) through the fiction section when I notice a trade paperback...and not just because Torrie Wilson was on the cover. It was a WWE based book called Big Apple Takedown...but it was in the fiction section...no autobiography or anything of some muscle clad roid rager. Interesting, I thought. So I read the synopsis on the back and seriously, I can't make this crap up: “December 2001: Vince McMahon steps out of a snowy night into a diner in upstate ......

CFL Week 5

Only three games for week 5 of the CFL season. Calgary over HamiltonHamilton is winless, their coach has been fired this week, and now they're heading into a match with Calgary who blew out the Roughriders in the second half of their game last week. I really like Hamilton and the talent they have on the team is much better than their record. But Calgary is hot right now. The nod goes to Calgary. BC over SaskThe only consistency in the west is that nobody wants to step up as a dominating force. These ......

Stubborn, Sensitive, and Hung Up...I blame society.

First go read Chris' post here. Now, for my response. This might be deep, but I think there's some truth. Think back, geek reader, to your childhood. All of it. Do you remember being popular? Do you remember wearing jogging pants up to grade 10 or 11 or higher, and other fashion disasters (some might not need to look quite as far back for them, but I digress..)? Do you remember NOT having alot of friends that were girls? Do you remember not having many friends at all? Being picked on, beat up, laughed ......

Clint Batman?

Seriously...is that this guy's last name? That ranks up there as one of the most AWESOME last names ever!

The best has to be introducing yourself.

“Hi, I'm...Batman...Clint Batman.“

I am in awe with my wussy French-Canadian last name.


Tired and Pirates 2

Working on a project right now that's not going uber-smooth, but not ultra-disaster either...typicaly project stuff. I've been putting in some extra time though (read: last Saturday and Sunday, Monday night too). I was going to work a bit on it tonight with the impending deadline coming up, but figured that I'd sleep for a few hours and take advantage of how the brain is better first thing in the morning (that's what Brain Age tells me anyway). I took a bit of time to see Pirates of the Caribbean ......

Aspose.Excel Windows Control

Anyone have experience with the Aspose Excel control for Windows? If so, please drop me an email via the blog or ping me on MSN Messenger:


(obviously take the NOSPAM out when adding me)



CFL and Smackdown

CFLSo I split my predictions for this week, finishing 2 outta 4. The Bombers and Alouettes won as I predicted, but apparantly predicting the western winners is going to be a crap shoot. There's just no continuity out there with those teams, but such is life in the CFL. Bombers play the Alouettes next weekend, which will be the true test for the blue and gold. Mad Mexican Checks out MysterioLast night a buddy and I went to the local arena to check out the WWE Smackdown house show, and yes...the Mad ......

First Ever CN-Cloned GWB Who Said It Game

I did this post a while back talking about Chris talking about some big red billboards and some hot toe picking. So I thought “What better way to see if you all are actually reading the main feed than by having our own little game of 'Who said it?'. Some may be easy, but a few might be a bit tougher.[Edit]Congrats to George who was the first to answer them all correctly! I'll contact the Mad Mexican and get your autographed picture within the next 2 days But I think we should open this up a ......

Ah VS.NET 2003, how I missed you

How I missed having to shut down VS.NET 2003 and restart it because intellisense decides it doesn't want to work anymore for no reason...good times...good times.


Saturday feelin' like a Monday

So before I dive into my extended work week, I thought I'd blog a bit about the week that was here at Geeks with Blogs. Let's take a peek shall we? I just want a HAMMER!Uri Goldstein has a great post about an article on Joel on Software talking about frameworks and how silly the whole framework-movement can be. Ooooo, look at me...I have a Motarola Q!Yeah yeah Driss, we get it: You have a Motarola Q...rub it in our faces why don't you! ;) But seriously, Driss, has a great post about his initial experiences ......

A sure sign the apocalypse is coming...

Yes my friends...another sign of the end times is upon us.

A...new...video...from...this guy.


We have no idea how well we have it

Today I'm working on finishing up a coding project. Well, its actually due at the end of next week. You go through alot of emotions during a project...you have the storming of the group, where everyone jockeys for position, then you actually do the coding and work, test, have a few late nights where you may be cursing why you're up at 1AM working on something (albeit in the comfort of home), the pressure about profit and quality and all that good stuff about coding. You think about your job and where ......

Thanks for the sticker!

My GeeksWithBlogs sticker came yesterday! Thanks alot guys! :D It's the best thing to happen to my Compaq since my last Ram upgrade!

New Kleenex Ads

Have you guys seen the new Kleenex ads? They're going to be distrubuted mainly in Argentina and Portugal:

Viva France and Italy!


Dora is NOT Live Action!

Dora the Explorer came through town recently. But there's something amiss...check out the pic below:

Notice anything disturbing?

First off, Dora now looks like some latina woman from NY city circa 1987...the only thing missing are the leggings. Isn't she supposed to be 8 years old or something?!


CFL Week 4

We're heading into week 4 of the CFL season. It's still too early to tell who the really great teams are, although there are some obvious choices. In the East, Montreal is looking fantastic, and should easily move to 4-0 after tomorrow night. Toronto has been hurt hugely by Damon Allen's absence...but one player does not a team make, and they have alot of issues with their defense and offensive line. Hamilton...they have the talent, they just can't seem to finish the games...and Maas has an arm, ......

Click...not for those approaching midlife crisis

So yesterday we went to see Click, the new Adam Sandler movie. Don't let the previews fool you, this isn't a side-splitting comedy in the least. At its heart, its a “It's a Wonderful Life” meets “A Christmas Carol“. It has some really funny moments, and in a switch from alot of current comedies out there, all the funny parts aren't shown in the preview (seriously...you'll feel sorry for stuffed-animal ducks for the rest of your life). But this movie isn't really meant to be ......

If Leo Laporte had died, he'd be rolling in his grave

I don't think I'll be watching G4TV anymore...I was hanging on to the glimmer of hope that things might swing back the way of TechTV, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Its done...finished...fineto. I remember when I'd watch The Screen Savers with Leo and Patrick and actually learn something about technology. This morning I watched a re-run of Attack of the Show where they had a segment called “In Your Pants” where Olivia talked with some other woman about how “size matters”. ......


My buddy Chris posted about some funky billboards, which somehow pointed back to a blue ghost watching TV. Apparantly its an ad campaign for....ah, I won't spoil it (although I must say I once again have impressed myself with my amazing Googling skills? What's that? Oh yeah...I know baby...searching skills are sexy...take a number and get in line though honey, get in line...) Anyway, if you want to spoil the fun of what the sayings are all about, you can click here. However...this has given me a ......

CFL Results and DS - Day 3

CFL Results So let's see how I did picking the winners this week. Calgary 23 - Hamilton 22My pick: HamiltonCalgary had this game gift-wrapped to Hamilton, who still looked to struggle through most of the game. I'm not sure if Maas isn't comfortable throwing deep, or if PaoPao's new offensive scheme calls for more short passes. Either way, when they did go deep, they got huge yards...but that only happened a few times. Henry Burris all but giftwrapped the win with a late game fumble that Hamilton ......

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day, the day we celebrate our great country's birth (and considering that we're the second largest country in the world, it must have been a c-section). So to help educate my non-Canadian friends *coughAmericanscough* here are some fun facts about Canada. White House...we burned itIn 1812 American invaded Canada...er, tried to invade Canada. Not only did we beat them back, but we went to Washington and burnt the Whitehouse down. To hear a musical rendition of what went down, watch ......