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Geek Engagement Ring

Sunday, October 1, 2006 7:50 PM

When you want to let her know that marrying her would be a critical hit to your heart.

Check out the site here.


# re: Geek Engagement Ring

At my recent wedding, after the Minister finished with the "If anyone knows why these two people can't marry, ....." speil and no one said anything, I almost said "Damn, I missed my saving throw." But I think that only about 3 people there would have got the reference. :) 10/2/2006 12:20 PM | Boomer

# re: Geek Engagement Ring

Reminds me of a conversation I once had walking back to work after lunch:

"Man, I almost won that saving roll for charisma."
J: "Trust me, when rolling a 20-sided die, NOBODY WINS."
10/2/2006 8:07 PM | Justice~!

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