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Work as Extension of Virtue

Tuesday, October 3, 2006 3:44 AM

So we parted ways recently with our general manager at work. It wasn't a bad, performance-wridden parting or anything. We phased out an aspect of our business so we could focus on others, and that was the area he focussed on. I also don't think it was an easy decision either, as Bob was definately seen by everyone as 'Dad' in the organization; we're very close-nit at work, and people leaving, for whatever reason, is very rare...so this did come as somewhat of a shock, but one that was known by all parties involved for a while (Bob didn't want anyone to know because he hates saying Goodbye, so it wasn't a 5pm on a Friday note or anything like that).

Anyway, so I'm talking with my boss after the announcement was made and I said that I understood that it wasn't personal, it was just business. And he said something pretty unheard of in Winnipeg's (and I'm sure all over) business scene: that everything he did with the business needed to keep his own personal integrity, and that he wasn't one to say "it's just business, then go pray to God on Sunday". The decision obviously wasn't an easy one, and I don't think they had an easy time communicating the decision either. It was obvious that more than just dollars and cents went into the decision process.

Here's the paraphrase I came away with:

Work is not a seperate entity from the rest of our lives. Work, and how we act at work in all facets, should be a reflection of who we truly are outside of work, and the same moral beliefs and bases should apply.

Something that I need to try and remember...you don't "play" work, or turn on your work mode...you just live your life in that environment.



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