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My IPod officially broke up with my PC

Wednesday, October 4, 2006 4:19 AM

So I happily, and excitedly, downloaded the new Killers album (although I'm still a bit bitter that the new Jakalope hasn't shown up on ITunes yet...but I digress...), and yesterday I updated my IPod with my new Mac's ITunes. But as I was walking to work...no new Killers album! WTF?!

Turns out that when you set up your IPod initially, the disk actually gets formatted depending on the OS you're using (Windows or Mac). The problem is that since they're different file formats, you can't just update songs without doing an entire re-format.

So my ipod is happily being updated now. This is just another step towards my PC being phased out totally...I just need a good finance app, and then I have no reason to boot up my PC again!



# how do i sort my pc ipod out? please help!

just bought a ipod nano gen 2 and its showing 1.7g used but won't allow me to delete it. does anyone know how to re format or rewrite the ipod so i start afresh? appreciate any help anyone can give me
dan 1/1/2008 5:08 PM | dan parry

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