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Ruby: The Musical (Featuring music by Lawrence Gowan)

Friday, October 6, 2006 7:26 AM

Yes, I'm sure you're all aware of our favorite metro-sexual blogger Justice Gray and how he LOVES that Ruby shiznit (although apparantly his wife doesn't...only a true geek will ignore his marriage obligations to focus on some ancient coding language that he thinks is "catching on"...pffft).

However, I'm pleased to announce that Justice will be hitting the road this winter on the

Ruby: The Musical Tour (Featuring the music of Lawrence Gowan)

Why is there music? Because not only will Justice actually present and code in front of your user group, he'll actually SING his presentation to such hits as Strange Animal and Criminal Mind! You may not know this, but Justice has a HUGE man-crush on Lawrence Gowan...and I think his wife should be more concerned about that then any Ruby-ish time being spent.

So watch for his act coming to a city near you!


# re: Ruby: The Musical (Featuring music by Lawrence Gowan)

Does this mean Rockarts is his first groupie? 10/6/2006 7:38 AM | The Igloo Coder

# re: Ruby: The Musical (Featuring music by Lawrence Gowan)

Actually, Hubbs will sing more than Gowan...anything from the 70's, 80's and early 90's is fair game. You should see how good he sings Village People ;)
10/6/2006 12:19 PM | Mrs. Loquacious

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