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Sorry Safari, but I'm a Firefox Man Now

Sunday, October 8, 2006 3:58 PM
Wow...this is a weird feeling: I'm actually entering in a blog entry through a browser on my Mac! I know, I know...it doesn't SOUND exciting, but believe me, it is. Safari is absolutely, without a doubt, the most unstable browser I've ever used. Not only did it crash when I'd try and submit an entry to GWB, but it would also crash for no reason whenever I was viewing Yahoo!'s Fantasy Football stat tracker. Apparantly the Flash plugin for Safari has some defects. So I'm done with that browser now. It's gone from my launch bar, but that's ok. Firefox reminds me more of IE 7 anyway, and I'm more at home with its interface. I'm curious: anyone else experience suckiness from Safari as well? D


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