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This is just stupid: Schools in USA banning TAG?! (and not the body spray)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 5:08 PM

I'm sorry, but this article in USA Today is just rediculous. Unbelievable. When will people realize that we don't truly grow and advance without going through adversity?! How would we, as developers, be considered good and experienced without going through the pain of bad projects, tough coding exercises, and playing with newer technologies?

So why are children being coddled in the form of banning games like tag to ensure their "safety"?! Safety?! These kids aren't playing with knives, they're playing tag! Joystiq, who posted a link to this article, offers another very sad thought as to why these school districts may be implementing these rules: to avoid being sued.

How stupid is that?! Would people actually sue a school if their child got hurt playing tag?! It's a sad commentary on our world if that's the truth...the fact this article's story is real at all is sad enough.



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