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Blizzard Admins are a little whacked

Friday, October 27, 2006 8:32 PM

So a buddy of mine had to change his character name in WoW because the Blizzard admins decided that his name had strong racial overtones, and could be interpreted in a negative way. I can't believe my friend would pick such a vile name that would bring the heavy handed justice of the Blizzard Admins crushing down on his characters head! I'm going to tell you the name that got rejected, but be warned...young children and women should probably stop reading this post. Are you ready? This is so intense...ok...here goes....




I KNOW! What a horrible name! That totally labels him as a racist KKK member trolling Duskwood looking for new members to initiate into his Hitler Youth movement!

But seriously...is this like an American thing? Is there some hidden meaning to "Wonderbread" that us Canadians aren't aware of? It all seems a little silly to me...



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