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WYSE S90 Thin Client - Kill That HAgent!

Saturday, October 28, 2006 4:45 AM

I posted a few days ago about an issue with some WYSE thin client devices slamming DHCP servers with requests, basically simulating a DNS attack. Here's the solution in case anyone comes accross the same issue.

WYSE has a product called Rapport (renamed to WYSE Device Manager or something like that) which is a tool to help ensure updates are blanketed to all thin clients deployed on a network. There's two pieces to it: a client piece on the devices and a server that coordinates things.

By default the client comes with the thin-client device, enabled and ready to find the coresponding server. The device "finding the server" looks like a thin client device requesting DHCP renewals (for whatever reason...I guess the server piece also assigns network addresses?!) We don't have the Device Manager software as part of our rollout, so I'm just speculating how it works under the hood. But basically when we talked to WYSE tech support, it was the service that runs the client piece that we had to turn off.

Go to services and find the HAgent service. Stop and disable it, and you won't have mass renewal requests happening anymore.



# re: WYSE S90 Thin Client - Kill That HAgent!

Thanks. Damn old Wyse 9235 was looking for updates, but I was only testing WDM and found to my chagrin, that the 9235's you can't really get into the BIOS to disable PXE. This solved my problem. Cheers. 2/10/2008 11:11 AM | John Callinan

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