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Canada’s Summer of SEXINESS Begins!

Friday, June 26, 2009 10:51 AM


Ah Summer…that time of the year that we all dread as geeks. In the dark and cold of winter we can hide our pasty white skin and our diverse body portionings under layers of clothing. But Summer…summer is when we must come out into the light, like Golem being pulled into the sunlight by Sam and Frodo.

Well, this summer my *twin* Daniel Nerenberg and I are going to try and offer some encouragement by leading the charge out of our collective basements writing code and into the light of day! Yes, this is the Summer of Sexiness, and it begins *today*!

Daniel and I are going to begin our summer metamorphosis, aiming to get ourselves fit, fabulous, and muay caliente by PDC! We have our own internal bet going on (oddly, that the winner gets dinner paid for by the loser…because y’know, having food as a prize just made sense in a fitness competition ;) ), but at the end of this I think both of us (and our significant others) will be the *real* winners…as will all of you for having two more amazingly sculpted visions of hawtness to gaze upon at technology events.

So this post also stands as my first official weigh in. Here’s the starting stats:

Weight: 285 lbs
Waist: 42”

You can see Daniel’s starting stats here. Game on!



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