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Tech Days Winnipeg – Day 1

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 5:25 PM

We’re coming to the close of Tech Days Winnipeg Day 1 and so far so good I think. I delivered my two Silverlight sessions that I did in Calgary, which I think went alright. That Prism talk is heavy though…lots in a one hour session. I think I need to do more blog posts to break that up into more digestible chunks…anyway, thinking out loud on my blog. Here’s some pics from the day:

The Win-Dev Platform boyz: Dave Alpert, Kelly Cassidy, moi, and David Wesst.

Protegra in the house! Ross and Sean in their sleek black Tech Days threads.

Miguel and Dave Wesst presenting on Expression Blend.

ZOMG, these Anvil Digital people are *everywhere* (Dylan Smith and Wessty) 

Yup, more AD guys.


# re: Tech Days Winnipeg – Day 1

Tech Days 2009 was pretty fantastic. I also like how I managed to get into 80% of the pictures in this post. It makes it interesting, and handsome. :)

Seriously though, very good talks given by the Tech Days crew (even the non-Anvilites). I learned a lot, and I'm pumped for next year! 12/18/2009 9:32 AM | David Wesst (Wessty)

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