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Final OBS BBQ of the Season

Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:14 PM

I work for a pretty awesome company, Online Business Systems. We’re 250+ technology and business consultants located in Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Portland, and Minneapolis.

Throughout the summer different departments within Online’s central region office (Winnipeg) host a BBQ with donations collected going to the United Way. Today was the last one of the season, and the Tech Services group was in charge. So myself and my colleague Dave Gillies concocted a plan to assault the tastebuds of our co-workers with EPIC AMOUNTS OF MEAT! Here’s what happened…

Onliner’s lining up to feast on the gift of meat Tech Services provided!


Clive Jones, our Java and Integration practice lead manning one of the BBQs.


Kevin Paquin showing us where the beef is!


BBQ Love!


George Chen enjoying the BBQ Love!


After the eats, we got a chance to check out the new company car. We used to have a Toyota TJ that was OBS branded, and now we’ll have another vehicle carrying the Online brand throughout the streets of Winnipeg – a Nissan GT-R!




So yeah, we’re a great company with amazing people that like to have fun. Did I mention each Onliner gets their own professional development budget and a week of paid professional development time to use for conferences, training, etc. (that’s right, no having to burn vacation time to attend something)?

If this sounds like a good place to you, ping me. We’re always looking for great people and we’re growing!



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